Hurricane Dorian is marching its way across the Atlantic Ocean and gaining strength along the way. It is currently West of the Bahamas and a category 3 storm. The forecast is for it to become a cat 4 storm possibly making landfall on the east coast of Florida sometime Monday night to Tuesday morning. At the moment, Palm Beach County is in the forecast cone and bracing for landfall.

In preparation, we have pulled our parasailing boat “Bucket List” out onto the trailer. This time of year in Florida deals with extremely high tides called “King Tides”. These tides, plus the possible storm surge and heavy amounts of rainfall could be a disaster for a boat. We at Boynton Beach Parasail think its best to halt all operations and move the boat to higher ground near my home in Wellington, FL until the storm passes. We are hopeful that Dorian will steer northward and have no direct hit to the Florida coast. If so, the boat will be back in the water ASAP.

Many families are taking this time to prepare. Storm shutters up, food and supplies stored, hurricane parties are planned, and my surfboard is waxed. LOL. We hope that everyone is ready for what is to come. Prayers go out to all in its path. Please stay safe and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (very short list)!


Captain David


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