What a perfect day on the water today! We had a few trips head out today with great people. Folks from all over the United States like Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Georgia to name a few.

Our first run of the day, we traveled south to Delray Beach, Florida to do some nice advertising along the beach. We had a great family on board with a few younger children. Luckily I spotted a large shell from a good distance away. As I made my way towards it, I had all the guest ready to get a close up view. As we got closer, I noticed the one shell was actually two turtle shells. The next few minutes were us explaining what those turtles were doing, LOL!!

Amazing day with light South East winds and a flat clam ocean. The rest of the day was spent flying high above the Boynton Beach Inlet and surrounding areas. There were plenty more turtles to see on every tour. If only every day could be so easy.

We have pulled the boat out of the water and “Bucket List” is taking tomorrow off to get some TLC, and new decals from bow to stern. I’ll update a photo ASAP! The weekend is here! Be safe and please don’t do anything we wouldn’t do (short list)!


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